A More Permanent Lawn Maintenance Solution

Do you know that allowing your grass to grow into jungle-like proportions can have substantial financial repercussions on your property? You just need to remember that an unkempt garden leads to the decline of your property’s curb appeal. The decrease of your property’s market value will naturally follow. So why not hire a professional landscaper to avoid such consequences? This is where ACH Lawn and Landscaping LLC comes in. As a trusted landscape contractor in Slidell, LA, we can guarantee that your garden will be in full bloom for the majority of the year. Does that sound awesome? Then continue reading this article to learn more about us and our services.

Lawn Service – We have earned the trust of numerous homeowners in the areas of because we believe that lawn maintenance is the key to the success of any landscaping project. This is why when we engage in any landscaping job, our first task is always to conduct a soil test. It may seem to be a superfluous task, but this will ensure the health of your garden. Other than that, it will prevent the contamination of the underground water supply. The contamination of the underground water supply is very likely to happen when people do indiscriminate fertilization.

Once we have the results of the soil test, we can create a watering and fertilization schedule. The former is necessary to prevent the drowning of your plants as well as the erosion of nutrients as the water flushes them out. The latter is vital in avoiding the risk of increased acidity levels in your garden soil.

Landscaping Service – We have earned our spot as one of the leaders of the landscaping industry in Slidell, LA because we also believe that landscapes should help keep the garden healthy. It should have a practical function as well as an aesthetic purpose. We often install retaining walls and other useful landscapes because they serve these purposes.

If you feel that your garden is in need of tender loving care, then you should immediately ask the help of ACH Lawn and Landscaping LLC. We do not just aim to make your garden eye-catching, we also aspire to make it healthy. So if you want a more permanent solution to your cyclical garden problems, then you should call us now at (985) 710-0881!